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What you should know about permanent makeup
Stop waxing or tweezing and don’t lash tint or curl at least 2 days prior to your procedure.  If you are having electrolysis, stop normal treatments 1 week prior to your procedure.
Stop the use of creams with glycolic acid or AHA 1 week prior to your procedure.
Bring lip or brow pencil that you currently use. You are welcome to bring photos or magazine pictures as samples.
Do not wear contact lenses during and immediately after any eyeliner procedure. You may resume wearing contact lenses 1 week after the procedure.
If you are having the eyeliner procedure, it is recommended that you have someone drive you home.  This is not a requirement as most clients can drive after the procedure.  Please be aware, you will not be able to wear your contact lenses which may limit your ability to drive. If you require corrective lenses you will need to bring glasses with you to wear. 
We do not recommend the eyeliner or eyelash enhancement if you have lash-extensions. You must wait until you are free of the lash-extensions or you will need to remove them before getting a permanent makeup application. If you are using Latisse or any similar product to make your lashes grow longer you must stop 3-4 days prior to the permanent makeup procedure and start using it again after your skin has healed.
If you have a history of herpes simplex of any level and you are having the lip procedure, you will need to prevent an outbreak of blistering.  It is advised that you discuss prescription or over-the-counter medication options with your physician. 
I will provide a triple antibiotic and A&D ointment with an instruction sheet for post-procedure care.
If you are having the lip liner or full lips procedure, do not use lipstick or lip gloss for at least 5 days after the procedure.
We strongly advise you to wash your hair the night before your permanent makeup.
Do not plan any social activities for a couple of days after the procedure.
Over the years, like any permanent application, the color of your application will tend to deminish. This does take quite a few years and will depend on the vibrance of your color selection. In the event of fading color or color changes, Appealing Image will provide our customers with a one time color enhancement procedure at a reduced price.  Please contact Appealing Image for more information.
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