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My name is Belinda and have always had no features because of my blonde hair. I was referred to Eva Marcek who does permanent makeup. She made me feel very comfortable, as she explained what the steps in applying my new eyebrows would be. I felt no pain and am very happy with my new look. Never again do I have to draw eyebrows on - Her shop is very clean, and all equipment is sterilized. She even showed me the new needles before she opened the package. It was a fun time and Eva has won over another regular customer.
Belinda Hart
Dear Eva, I'd like to express my gratitude once again for the great work you've done on my eyes. I am so pleased with the results. There was minimal discomfort during the whole process. You were so great always making sure I was comfortable, talking me through it all and answering all of my questions. I have to say that you have the right personality for your profession. Permanent make-up was the perfect solution for my pale undefined face. The permanent lines contouring my upper and lower eyelids are exactly what I was missing. I wear glasses and it is an amazing change to see that my eyes actually stand out. Many of my friends have been wondering and had told me that there was something different about my look. Nobody could figure out what it was but they all agreed on one thing, I looked more alive. It was definitely change for the better. Today I see the permanent make-up was a great decision and a solution. Ms. Eva I am so happy with the results I am seriously considering to have my eyebrows and my lips done as well. It is an incredible relief to know that I can take my time with my coffee in the morning and not worry about make-up. Not to mention always being nervous about getting it just right with my bad eyes. It truly was a gift. I am looking forward to our next meeting and cannot wait to show off my eyebrows and lips.
Sincerely, Mila Svobodova
Hello, I am a client of Eva Marcek. I began seeing Eva as my Dermatologist aesthetician recommended her. I have very aggressive Alopecia Universalis (no hair on my body at all). I have been without eyebrows or eyelashes for over 7 years, it's something you miss every time you look in the mirror. I was a bit skeptical about the (tattooing) process, even though I had my whole family, and friends urging me to do it. Eva will go to great lengths to make sure the process is safe and sanitary. She autoclaves the needles and shows them to you while in the package. She also shows you all of her health certifications and explains how she does each and every phase. From the moment you arrive, she is concerned about your comfort and discusses with you what she is going to do step by step. She has a vast array of inks and she makes recommendations from her experience as to what will look best and what will last the longest. Eva then begins, and painstakingly makes sure every stroke is precise. She looks at you from every angle, and has you stand, sit, lay, and turn. She took time to do my eyebrows, as that is where I chose to start. They look great, I am so happy with them, I had given up even drawing them on each day as I could never get them alike and it took so long. It made such a difference in my appearance, that I had my eyeliner done also! I look in the mirror each day and a blank expressionless face is nowhere to be found. It has made such a difference in my self esteem. I would recommend Eva to anyone considering permanent make-up.
Ann Eckman-McDougal
I am so glad I came to you for my eyebrows. I wanted to thank you again for caring and doing such a beautiful job. Your work is truly amazing. You are truly blessed with talent. God bless you.
Rachel Broshear
I have done the permanent eye make-up. So has my Mom and two of my close friends. We think of Eva as an artist. She has a talent. She works with precision. She is honest and takes pride in her work. We are glad to know her.
Susie Lakos
I am very satisfied with the work Eva has done on my eyebrows. All of the females in my family have little to no eyebrows and I was embarrassed by the way they looked for several years. After much research, I put my trust into Eva and was certainly not let down. She is very knowledgable and friendly and the environment in which she performs her services is sterile and inviting. She did an amazing job and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks Eva. You're an incredible artist.
Denise Jessop
Areola restoration
I can really express my gratitude and say, "Eva, you are the very best". Throughout my research and first hand experience I am still at a loss for words. Thank you for your delicate and warm personality. You really care and it shows. Not only through your personality, but most of all through your work. I am very pleased not to mention satisfied because you have not only managed to put the finishing touch in my appearance, but helped to build my confidence.
Marilyn Su Hughes
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Eva was trained in advanced technique by John Hashey's Advanced School of Permanent Cosmetics
Eva received continuing education with Premier Pigments school of cosmetic tatooing
Eva is a member of the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals
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