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How is cosmetic permanent makeup done?
Permanent makeup can be performed using three different techniques: with a coil machine, a rotary machine (Stylus), or with a hand tool. Although one method is not necessarily better than another, different technicians will usually prefer the techniques they were trained in. Our studio uses the coil and rotary machines.
Does the pigment pose an allergy problem?
In most cases, allergic reactions will not occur to the pigmentation products utilized in the permanent makeup process. Less than .1% (one-tenth of one percent) of all customers in our seventeen (17) years of business have had any type of allergic reaction. Most allergic reactions can be easily cleared up with antibiotics prescribed through your doctor.
What kind of procedures can be done?
Many different types of makeup can be applied in a permanent fashion. The following will give a basic guideline as to the general suggestions most customers may be looking for.
• Eyebrows very soft and subtle or dramatic in shape and density.
• Eyebrows will look natural with the appearance if individual hair strokes.
• Lip liner can provide lip definition to add contour or shading.
• Opaque pigment for depth of color can be added to upper and lower lips.
• Tint pigment can be used for a subtle color lip enhancement.
• A thick or thin eyeliner can be applied through and above the lashline.
• Eyeliner can be applied on the top or bottom, or both eyelids.
• Eyelash enhancer is applied through the lashline.
• Mucosal tissue eyeliner is applied to the bottom lid as a rule but can be also applied to the upper.
• Mucosal tissue eyeliner is mostly applied in a different shade than eyeliner.
Is it painful?
We do use anesthetic that is localized to the effected area. The utilization of the anesthetic will vary according to the procedure. We begin by numbing the area. During this time clients will describe a tingling or itching sensation and, in most cases, will comment that they are surprised how little discomfort they have during their procedure. If there is any feeling of pain during the micro pigmentation the anesthetic is reapplied.
How long is the procedure?
Of course this will depend on the amount of work that is being done but the initial procedure takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Your technician will schedule your appointment to accomodate completing required paperwork, a design consultation, and the actual procedure.
Is it safe?
Sanitation and sterilization is an important requirement to both us and the State of Colorado. New, sterilized, pre-packaged needles and tips are used and disposed of after each customer. All secondary implements are sterilized in an autoclave between each use to eliminate costomer contact. After use, needles and tips are disposed of with the utilization of hazardous waste containers. Appealing Image Permanent Makeup Studio conforms to and exceeds the regulatory standards set by the State of Colorado in the matters of a sterile environment and hazardous waste storage and disposal. All regulatory standards are posted and available for your examination during your visit.
How do I know which colors to choose?
Our nineteen (19) years of experience will help you to formulate the proper color scheme for your complection. We take into consideration such factors as the color of your hair, eyes, and preference to particular shading. We have over 70 color pigmentations to choose from. This design process will not be taken lightly and is a large part of the process during your initial consultation.
What is the difference between eyeliner and eyelash enhancement?
Eyeliner is applied throughout the eyelashes and above, it means you can see the eyeliner above the eyelashes. Eyelash enhancement is applied throughout your eyelashes only but not above them. Eyeliner and eyelash enhancement is in a reference only to the upper eyelid, the meaning of having full eyeliner or full eyelash enhancement procedures include also the lower lid and we can make on your lower lid eyeliner thinner or thicker, lighter or darker, softer or stronger depending on your preference.
What is mucosal eyeliner?
During a mucosal eyeliner procedure the pigment is inserted into mucosal tissue which is located between your eyelashes and your eyeball. Some woman use eyeliner pencil to color the area, but tears will always wash it out in no time. The mucosal eyeliner procedure will require 3 applications for best results.
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