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Eva Marcek permanent makeup artist and owner
Eva Marcek - owner and operator
Appealing Image Permanent Makeup Studio is owned and operated by Eva Marcek (pictured above) CPCT certified professional with more than 20 years in the beauty industry. Eva has served the public as a nail tech since 1982. She then began her education in her profession with a diploma from the College of Cosmetology. In 1999 she become a licensed esthetician and in 1992 Eva became a certified permanent makeup artist. Over the years, Eva has continuously upgraded her skills and knowledge. She is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and one of the most highly regarded permanent makeup technicians in Colorado.
Originally trained by an Argentinean permanent makeup technician, she then trained with a highly praised Chinese artist in 1992. After practicing for several years, Eva took the opportunity to work with a European technician Bianca who won first prize in a Best Permanent Makeup competition in Germany.
Eva has been performing permanent makeup procedures for 16 years in the state of Colorado. She is registered by the Colorado Department of Health and is inspected on a regular basis with no violations. Sterilization requirements are met with a contracted autoclave testing laboratory located in Colorado. Eva has also completed Requirements for Preventing Disease Transfer by the American Red Cross.
Most recently Eva completed the most advanced and complex training in the Nation with world renowned Master Conventional and Cosmetic Artist John Hashey. Mr. Hashey is the most sought after artist and instructor in the world. Eva spent hundreds of hours training with this master artist and advanced all of her techniques to a higher level. Eva specializes in Permanent makeup and Reconstructive - Paramedical Dermagraphics (restoration of Areola & scar camouflage).
You can be sure that with so much education and skill Eva will produce results that are second to none. If you want the very best Colorado Permanent Cosmetics and one of the nation's finest artists then you want Eva to do the work. Eva is CPCT certified and she carries her own malpractice insurance. She also works in with plastic surgeons on breast cancer patients.
Appealing Image Permanent Makeup Studio is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment as well as an educated professional technical staff.
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